uvHQ 100 LED UV Flashlight

uvHQ 100 LED UV Flashlight
uvHQ 100 LED UV Flashlight uvHQ 100 LED UV Flashlight uvHQ 100 LED UV Flashlight
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100 LED UV Flashlight

THE uvHQ UV FLASHLIGHT IS THE MOST POWERFUL UV FLASHLIGHT WITH 100 LED LIGHTS! Simply put, it has more power, more intensity, more range, and a better quality UV flood beam (385-395nm with more useable UV)

Uses include: Great tool to kill viruses in surfaces (e.g. Coronavirus covid-19), bacterias, germs, and other organisms that are sensitive to UV light.  Also use to detect counterfeit money. Also can be used to detect urine, find scorpions, and other animals and things that glow in the dark.


With newer technology and larger LED chips, we can achieve better optics. This flashlight features a higher definition UV flood that you won’t find in other models. You’ll get more useable UV light for your money and better results. So much so, that we’ve had to include optimized spectrum transmission UV glasses to prevent any eye fatigue that comes with this kind of UV power!


It takes the best quality of materials to produce a mega power and high intensity UV beam with 100 LED lights. Features such as flood beam, unbeatable UV range, and quality beam in the UV spectrum, is the reason why our uvHQ flashlight is the best one in the market.

uvHQ 100 LED Flashlight Features

• WHY OUR FLASHLIGHT? It’s the most powerful and best regarded UV flashlight in its class! Everything you need on a LED flashlight and more! More power, more range, better build and an upgraded UV beam makes this an even better investment.

• EXTREMELY POWERFUL! Unlike other flashlights in the market, this version features newer and bigger LED chips that makes our uvHQ flashlight superior (refer to the photo comparing others in the market with ours). The ultraviolet output coming from these LED beams is brighter than any of the other flashlights in the market today.

• TOP QUALITY UV SPREAD & RANGE. Remember the difference between analog TV and wide screen HD TV? You’ll see a whole lot more at once. This flashlight features a wider angle of UV floodlight that will do your job much better and easier.

• UV GLASSESS INCLUDED! Our Flashlight is so powerful, we decided to include a UV glass for your protection. WARNING: To avoid any harm to your eyes, we recommend not to look at this light on this flashlight directly, and always wear the glasses for protection when using it. • BEST UV QUALITY. The uvHQ Flashlight has upgraded high definition UV as compared to other market examples, making this the ideal UV Flashlight.

>Requires 6 "AA" batteries, not included.

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