Call Blocker w/ Blacklist and Whitelist

Call Blocker w/ Blacklist and Whitelist
Call Blocker w/ Blacklist and Whitelist Call Blocker w/ Blacklist and Whitelist
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Sorry -- This call blocker is currently Out of Stock -- Please click here to check call blocker models in stock.

This incoming call block device was designed to block call (s) from ringing your phone.  In Black list mode, this incoming call blocker device will block number (s) (up to 120 specific telephone numbers, prefixes or entire area codes).  In White list mode, it will only ring your phone(s) when specific phone(s) numbers or area codes call you.  This call blocker can also block "Private", "Unknown", "Out of Area" and "Anonymous" calls from callers using *67 or *68 to block their CallerID feature when calling you.

Call Block Features:

▶ Capacity: Up to 120 IDs (ID = up to 16-digit telephone numbers or area codes)
▶ No battery or power adapter needed
▶ Remotely programmed by a touch tone telephone
▶ DTMF & FSK compatible
▶ ID length: up to 16 digits
▶ Three (3) Rj11 ports: TEL1, TEL2 or Fax, LINE

Special Feature:  This unit can also block calls that show as Private Numbers, Unavailable, Out of Area or Anonymous.  Simply follow the instructions to add the last number received to the blacklist memory (instruction #3 in the manual).

Call Blocker Technical Specs and Parameters:

▶ This device requires the Caller ID service active on your phone line (provided by your phone service provider) in order to work properly. NOTE: Call ID service may incur monthly recurrent fees.
▶ Operating Temperature: from 14°F to 113°F (-10℃  to +45℃ )
▶ Humidity: from 10% to 95%
▶ Line Voltage:  DC 24V - 48V
▶ Caller ID: DTMF, FSK, DTMF level: -5--45db, FSK level: -5--45db
▶ Dimensions:  3.81" wide x 2.6" deep x .94" high (97mm wide x 66mm deep x 24 mm high)
▶ Model: IB-120

▶ Call Blocker Applications:

Ideal solution to increase productivity and privacy in households & workplaces. Stop calls from nuisance callers, telemarketers, junk faxes, charity/nonprofit organizations, political fundraising or announcements, polls/surveys, collection agents, banks, lawyers, hospitals, credit cards companies, and many more.

▶ Documentation:

- Manual

- FAQs

- Compare Incoming Call Blockers

Sorry -- This call blocker is currently Out of Stock -- Please click here to check call blocker models in stock.

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