911 Blocker

911 Blocker
911 Blocker 911 Blocker 911 Blocker
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This outgoing call blocker device is pre-programmed to block outgoing 911 calls.  Simply plug it in between your existing phone and phone jack (as shown in installation diagram) and start blocking outbound (outgoing dialing) to 911. 

911 Blocker Features / Specifications:

▶ Block 911 calls
▶ Works on any analog phone line (PSTN, VoIP) that is FSK or DTMF compatible
▶ Telephone line powered (required no external power or batteries)
▶ Size: 3.9" x 2.5" x 0.9"
▶ Weight: 3 ounces
▶ Easy to install and use

Easy PLUG-&-PLAY Installation:

Install your 911 Blocker in 3 simple steps:  
1) Unplug the existing telephone cable from your phone jack (or modem).
2) Connect it on the TEL1 or TEL2 port of the 911 Blocker
3) Connect the telephone patch cable (included with 911 Blocker) between the LINE port of the Blocker, and the phone jack (or modem).

911 Outbound Call Blocker Applications:

▶ Use to block access to emergency, medical alert, or information services (most cities will charge for excessive calls to 911) 
▶ Prevent 911 dispatches from mentally ill individuals

▶ Manual

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