Hot Dialer / Auto Dialer / Caller Id Blocker

Hot Dialer / Auto Dialer / Caller Id Blocker
Hot Dialer / Auto Dialer / Caller Id Blocker Hot Dialer / Auto Dialer / Caller Id Blocker
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Hot Dialer

This Outgoing Caller ID Blocker / Auto Dialer device is pre-programmed to auto dial *67 when phone is taken off-hook. Easy to install and use! It comes with two (2) RJ11 sockets. Simply connect it to the LINE and to the PHONE, and done! The dialer will auto dial *67 when your lift off the handset to dial out. You can then dial any number you like and the receiver will not be able to get your phone number (it will displayed as “UNKNOWN” or “OUT OF AREA”).

Caller ID Blocker Features / Specifications:

▶ It works on any standard analog phone lines (PSTN and VOIP)
▶ Programming is done locally or remotely via the dialpad of any DTM phone
▶ Line powered (no batteries required)
▶ Size: 1.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″
▶ Weight: 1.8 ounces
▶ COmpatible with PSTN and VOIP lines

Caller ID Blocker / Auto Dialer Applications:

▶ Collection agencies, lawyers, hospital billing departments, etc.
▶ This device can be easily pre-programmed to auto dial any phone number or prefix (up to 99 digits long!).  This feature will allow you to use this device in combination with any analog telephone and use to as a cuartesy phone, lobby phone, taxi phone, hotel phone, etc.  Customers will be able to pickup the handset and the device will auto dial the pre-programmed number automatically. It does not even need/use a dialpad!

Custom Programming service included (optional):
As a courtesy, if your Caller ID Block code is not *67 (some companies use *68 or other codes), just let us know when placing your order. You can use the “Comments” field in Check Out. 

Manual (Stand-alone unit)

▶ Manual (Hotline phone Built-in version)


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