Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator

Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator
Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator Thermal Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator
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This Painless Hair Removal / Trimmer / Epilator uses an advanced technology to carbonize hair trough heat transmitting blades.

IT'S SAFE -  This is a safe and painless product specifically designed to cut hair at 0.04 inches from the hair root in order to avoid any skin injury.

IT'S FLEXIBLE & EFFECTIVE - It features three (3) power intensity levels to provide maximum comfort based on your skin's sensitivity and/or hair thickness.

IT'S CONVENIENT - This cordless hi-tech gadget provides professional-level hair removal results at the comfort of your own home and while traveling. 

IT HAS PROVEN LONG TERM HAIR REMOVAL EFFECTS - Long term use (3+ months) has proven to promote hair thinning. It can also slow down the growth speed of hair by suppressing the secretion of keratin.  


  • Cuts unwanted hair painlessly
  • LCD display (shows battery, charge levels, thermal head changing notice and working conditions)
  • Three (3) heat mode options: (1) for thick hair, (2) for thin hair; (3) for normal hair
  • LED blue light to sterilize skin (kills bacterias) while removing hair, protecting the skin and avoiding bacterial infection. The LED blue light also functions as photo-therapy to inhibit the growth of hair (long term use)
  • Two (2) directional rolling motion (Back and forth) makes it easer to remove hair
  • Suitable for all skin and hair types
  • Easy to use with cordless convenience
  • No pain, no pulling, no cuts, no ingrown hairs, no chemicals, no mess
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 110V power supply / charger (included) (charging time: about 90 minutes, usage time: 85 minutes)
  • One (1) year manufacturer's warranty

(1) Thermal Hair Removal device (color Pink)
(3) blades (Large head x2, Small head x1)
(1) Cleaning pad
(5) Sanding papers
(1) Power Supply / Charger (110V) - US Plug Converter
(1) User manual (English)
(1) Portable / travel bag


  1. Install a suitable blade according to the skin area and thickness of body hair.
  2. Keep pressing every 3 seconds to keep the power on.
  3. First use choose temperature level 1 (200 ℃ or 392 F). Use vertically on the skin with LCD screen faces to you and keep moving. DO NOT stay at one point even when just start going on skin.
  4. Please do not alarm if you see tha the wire is red and it smells like hair burning, it's completely normal!. 


  1. Try cutting the hair to about 1/2 inch (1 com) in lenght before using the Thermal hear removal to cut the rest.  
  2. It will be easier for the depiTime to cut hear if your hair is lined up vertically to skin.   
  3. Initially, you can move it faster when you first start using to make you adapt to the temperature.  Later on, you should move the depiTime back and forth in one area slowly which will do better to carbonize the hair root.
  4. After trimming the hair with the depiTime, you should use sand papers and/or cleaning pad to clean the surface of your skin and make it smoother.
  5. Use it 2 or 3 times per week. Over a period of time (3+ months), you will find that your hair will become less and thinner. Also, the hair follicle even becomes smaller.

WARNING:  The operating temperature of the wire in level 1 is about 200 C (392 F), which is too hot to skin.  However, This heari removal is designed to avoid direct contact with the skin by allowing a .03" (0.1 cm) spacing from the blade's wire to the skin.  


1. What way does it removes hair?
The  Thermal hear removal removes hair by heat-wire conduction theory, the newest hair removal technology (patent pending) available in the market.

2. Does it have any negative effects to the skin?
No, there is no negative effects to the skin.  On the contrary, it's proven to help the skin's health by sterilizing (killing bacterial) and clearing your skin pores.

3. How often should you use this device?
We recommend using depiTime 2-3 times a week. 

4. Does it hurt?
No. There is no pain, no pulling, no in growing, no cuts, no damage, no mess and no chemicals involved.

5. How long does the battery last? 
If you are using the long heating head, then the maximum usage time is 45 minutes.
If you are using the short heating head, then the usage time is 85 minutes.

6. Is there any part of my body where I cannot use the  Thermal Hear Removal?
Yes, it can’t treat the genitals or around the nipples.

7. Which treatment level should I use?
Start with the lowest level; treat a small section and wait a few minutes, then go up one level at a time until it is comfortable for you.

8. How do I treat curved areas of my body?
Simply follow the natural curve of the body, making it stay in contact with your skin as much as possible.

9. Can it removal hair permanently?
Yes, it treats hear by heat-wire conduction theory, thermal will reach the hair follicle each time, the accumulation thermal can restrain hair growing after treat many times.

10. When should I replace depiTime’s head?
When you notice that it is no longer working efficiently or can only treat a narrow area of your body e.g. knees, underarms.

11. How lond do the blades last?
Each blade can be used for up to 6 hours total. When you notice that it is no longer working efficiently or can only treat a narrow area of your body e.g. knees, underarms, its time to replace the blade.  

12. Is this device similar to other heat-based hair removal devices such as the depiTIME or NONO? 
Yes, it works very similar to these other devices available in the market since it uses the same heat-wire conduction technology. 

Watch this information video (depiTIME version):

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