Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory & Call Timer - Wallplate/Minibox (25 Units)

Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory & Call Timer - Wallplate/Minibox (25 Units)
Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory & Call Timer - Wallplate/Minibox (25 Units) Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory & Call Timer - Wallplate/Minibox (25 Units) Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory & Call Timer - Wallplate/Minibox (25 Units)
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This outgoing call block & restrictor device can easily block number (s) as well as area codes and prefixes from dialing out. It comes pre-set from the factory to block phone numbers that cost money (o+, 1+ and 411 calls).  You may also add up to 30 telephone numbers or area codes to the 'allow memory' to allow unrestricted dialing. Call cut-off timer feature will allow you to set a time limit (1-99 minutes) per phone call.

Outgoing Call Block

Device Features:

▶ It comes preset from the factory to block all 1+ and 0+ dialing.
▶ Can be easily programmed to block all local calls and expensive 411 calls.
▶ Use User-defined 4-digit passcode to bypass all restrictions.
▶ Turn restrictions ON/OFF temporarily.
▶ You can allow dialing of specific phone numbers, prefixes and area codes (using the Allowed memory*).
▶ Activate a call timer that will trigger as soon you the telephone handset is picked up and will cut off all calls (both incoming and outgoing calls) at the time you specific from 1 to 99 minutes.
▶ Easy to install, program and use
▶ Works with all analog lines and most VOIP services (tested Comcast, MagicJack, Vonage)
▶ 4-digit security code bypasses all restrictions
▶ One unit can protect all extensions (when installed correctly)
▶ Line Powered (no batteries, no external power needed)
▶ Always allows dialing 911 (in the US)
▶ One (1) year Warranty
▶ Proudly made in USA
▶ FCC and UL Approved

* The 'Allowed memory' can hold up to 250 digits.  You can add any combination of the following:
- Up to ~22 10-digit local phone numbers (e.g. 305-558-5577)
- Up to ~20 11-digit long distance area codes (e.g. 1-305-558-45577)
- Up to ~66 area codes (e.g. 305)
- Up to ~40 prefixes (e.g. 305-558-xxxx)
or any combination of specific local or long distance phone numbers, local prefixes, and area codes.

Proven Technology:  This outgoing call block device has been sold in more than 90 countries (including but not limited to Canada, UK, France, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central/South Amerca, Mexico, Australia, etc.)

* The call timer function on this unit works on all calls (incoming and outgoing) and it triggers the cut off timer on a per call basis when it detects an "off-hook" condition. This unit does not prevent callers from dialing at certain hours during the day or the same number over and over.

** This unit can be programmed to restrict outbound calls. It does not block incoming calls.

Outgoing Call Block & Restrictor Programmable Features and Functions: 

▶ Extremely flexible and easy to program via the keypad of a regular phone to perform the following functions:
▶ Change 4-digit security code
▶ Add ALLOW telephone numbers and leading prefixes to memory (any combination up to 250 digits)
▶ Disable restrictions temporarily (ON & OFF)
▶ Change number of digits that can be dialed without restrictions

Factory Default Settings:
This unit is pre-programmed at the factory with the most common needs so that it requires minimal programming by the user. Restricts dialing of long distance calls that begin with 1 or 0 calls (including 1800, 1888, 1877, 1866), restricts dialing of 411 calls, and restricts dialing of 1-900 and 976. It allows dialing of local calls (up to 10 digits). It also comes with a factory preset 4-digit security code. All these parameters can be easily modified after installed using a regular telephone dialpad.

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Outgoing Call Block & Restrictor Documentation:

Outgoing Call Blocker Manual

FAQs or Helpdesk


Availability note: This item is currently out of stock.  It will require an order of 30 units (as a minimum cost of $99.99), and 2-4 weeks to deliver in order to produce this model at the factory.  Please contact us for more details.

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