Big LCD Talking Caller ID with Call Blocking

Big LCD Talking Caller ID with Call Blocking
Big LCD Talking Caller ID with Call Blocking Big LCD Talking Caller ID with Call Blocking
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This JUMBO Talking Caller ID with Call Blocking feature was designed for users to be able to manage their lists of allowed callers (Whitelist) while block ringing on all other callers e.g. no more spam or robo calls!.  

Features include:

> Large Display to see who is calling

> Talking Caller ID Name and Number hear who is calling

> Customize Names on caller name announcements

> Can Block all calls and only allow White List calls

> AC Power Adapter Included 120V - 240V

> Extra Jack and Cord for Telephone in the back of unit don’t waste a phone jack

> Battery backup you can still use the unit if the power goes out for 3-4 days 4 X AAA

> Programming saved forever no worries about losing programming if power goes out even without batteries (EEPROM technology)

> It will protect all phones (or extensions) connected on the same phone line.

> Two (2) display languages available: English, Spanish

> Stores up to 99 phone records of incoming calls.  These stored numbers can be found (scrolling up and down) and called back anytime!

> 3 3/4” inches by 2” inches LCD BIG LCD display.

Caller ID Functions:

> Support call back function for incoming numbers in U.S.

> Deletion for Incoming call records

> Reviewing incoming calls records (stores last 99 call records)

> Review up to 50 groups of white-list numbers, recording for the name in the white-list.

> Talking the name or numbers when the calls come in.

> Icon Indications on the LCD for new incoming calls, Voice mail, Low Battery, AM-PM, RPT, and VIP.

Call Blocking (Block Spam Calls) functions:

> Stop numbers from calling you again.

> Plays pre-recorded message to (non-whitelist) callers warning them that their number is blocked and they should not call again.

Back light Function:
> 8 seconds back light for ringing, keys operation, and phone pick up & hang up. The back light will turn off after 8 seconds if no more operation is done. You can also turn backlight on or off.

Clock System:
> 12-hour real-time clock display and setting function, month and day format. (Not year)

LCD Contrast:
5 Levels of contrast settings, 4th level set as default.

Talking the numbers when white-list call comes in.  The white-list calls with name recording can talk the names 0-5 times, if someone sets it to “0” the speaker will keep silence and will not say any names or numbers until it is set back to 1-5. Calls not in the white-list will only talk the numbers if the block function is OFF.

Language settings:
Selectable display English and Spanish.

Power Supply: (Included)

120 and 240v, uses USB cord to connect to Caller ID unit for flexile charging options.

What's Included:

> Talking Caller ID Unit
> Power Cord
> Wall Plug cord
> Short Phone Cord (used between your telephone and Caller ID Unit)
​> User Guide

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