Flat Rate Shipping

We recommend that you only choose the "Flat Rate Shipping" option if there is no other shipping option available at Check-out.  

The "Flat Rate Shipping" is only available for shipping orders within the USA.  If you choose this for order outside the US, we may not be able to ship your order.

If you select "Flat Shipping Rate", we will ship your order via USPS First Class,  Parcel Select, or Priority Mail.  

Ussually, your order will be processed and shipped from our main office located in Miami, Florida within 1-2 business day(s).    

We will email you the USPS tracking number so you can track your delivery.  If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within 1-2 businss days, please contact us to verify that we received your order, and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Delivery can take from 2 to 5 business within USA, or 5 to 15 business days (up to 3 weeks) overseas.

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