Warranty & Service

HQTelecom.com warrants all its products to be free of defects of material and workmanship for a period as specified in your order and our sales receipt, from the date of shipment. All items to be repaired under warranty are to be sent, together with the original sales slip or receipt to the following address:

16562 NW 83 PL
Miami Lakes, FL 33016

If the item is defective, within the first 30 days of purchase, the client can request a pre-paid shipping label to return the item to us.  HQtelecom will repair it or replace it at no additional cost to the client, provided it is HQT’s opinion that the item(s) has not been improperly installed or damaged. 

After the first 30 days of purchase, the client will be resposible for the shipping costs associated with the warranty service. Client must ship the item to the above address and include a $20 check or cash to cover the return shipping & handling costs within the USA (additional shipping costs may apply for items shipped overseas).

If the item is not defective but it exhibits a compatibility issue with a third party service or hardware provider (e.g, does not register incoming calls or works with another device), the item can be replaced for a compatible item within the first 30 days.  In this case, the client will be responsible for returning the original item.  HQT is responsbile for shipping the replacement item, if available.  Otherwise, a refund may be issued. 

When client is not sure if the item is defective OR incompabible, the client may ship it to HQT so we can diagnose it.  HQT will test it to determine if the item is defective or has some compatiblity issue (please allow 3-5 business days for results).  If the item is defective, HQT will ship a replacement.  If the item is not defective, HQT will offer replacement options. Usually there is at least a replacement option available that requires no additional cost.  However in some cases, the client may be subject to cover the delta costs assoociated with some replacement option(s), in case the cost of the replacement option is higher than the original item.  

HQT is not responsible for paying shipping costs incurred by clients due to defects or incompatibilty problems with third party service or hardware provider.

Equipment exceeding the warranty period may be repaired on a time and material basis or a fixed charge.  Please contact us for current service charges.

Extended Warranty
If you purchased an item with extended warranty, you covered in case of any accidental damage such as water spills, LCD failures, stuck buttons, and other accidental damages. In order to get service, you must show proof of purchase with extended warranty terns.

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