T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units

T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units
T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units T-Lock Call Blocker - 50 units
Product Code: CT-CID-803V5-WS
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T-LOCK Call Blocker Model CT-CID803  (Version 5.0) Key Features:

▶ Blocks up to 1,500 phone numbers in BLACKLIST (up to 16 digits)
▶ One-Touch BLACKLIST operation
▶ Block entire area codes (up to 10)
▶ Block calls with no caller ID (shown as UNKNOWN, OUT OF AREA, PRIVATE, etc)
▶ Block up to 1,500 outgoing phone numbers, prefixes or area codes
▶ Stores most recent 100 incoming and 50 outgoing numbers
▶ 2.5” x 1” LCD Display with 4 brightness levels
▶ Line powered - Requires no external power supplies or batteries
▶ Compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, and VOIP services
▶ One (1) Year Standard Warranty
▶ Version: 5.0
▶ Color: Black

Incoming Call Blocking Applications:

Take control of your phone line by blocking non-stop annoying calls from:
▶ Telemarketers
▶ Politicians*
▶ Junk faxes
▶ Charity/nonprofit organizations*
▶ Research companies conducting polls/surveys*
▶ Collection agents, banks, lawyers, hospitals, credit cards companies, and many more!

* U.S. Federal Government sponsored “Do Not Call” list program does not apply to politicians, non-profit, and research organizations.

Outgoing Call Blocking Applications:

With the outgoing call restrictions you will be able to take complete control of your phone line and block dialing of specific number, area codes or prefixes:
▶ Households with abusive (or out of control) teenagers
▶ Households with elders with mental illnesses


Master box:  21 "  x 10" x 9", Weight: 14 Pounds
Master box contains fifty (50) pieces, Individual boxed in gift boxes (as shown).  Each gif box contains the unit (wrapped in celophan), manual, bracket (desktop or wall-mounted), 12" RJ-11 patch cord. 

Shipping/Packaging:  We ship all our orders via USPS Priiority Mail (2 to 5 days within the US).  Allow 1 business day for packing.

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