T-Lock Call Blocker

 T-Lock Call Blocker
 T-Lock Call Blocker  T-Lock Call Blocker  T-Lock Call Blocker  T-Lock Call Blocker  T-Lock Call Blocker  T-Lock Call Blocker
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T-Lock Call Blocker

If you are getting bombarded by non-stop calls from people trying to sell you stuff, or trying to trick you into giving them your money, then you need to get the T-Lock Call Blocker Version 5.0; the latest and best solution available in the market to block unwanted calls and protect your privacy.  

T-Lock Call Blocker V5.0 Key Features:

▶ Blocks up to 1,500 incoming phone numbers in BLACKLIST (numbers can be 6-16 digits in length)

▶ Blocks up to 1,500 outgoing phone numbers in BLACKLIST (numbers can be 6-16 digits in length)

▶ Blocks up to 10 incoming area codes or prefixes in the BLACKLIST (numbers can be 1-5 digits in length)

▶ Easy to setup & use -- Simply press a button to BLOCK unwanted numbers forever!

▶ Turn feature ON/OFF to Block calls with no caller ID (shown as UNKNOWN, OUT OF AREA, PRIVATE, etc)

▶ Block incoming calls any time -- review incoming call list anytime (list stores the last 100 numbers from received calls)

▶ Stores the most recent 100 incoming numbers, and 50 outgoing numbers (OUT button)

▶ Easy to read 2.5” x 1” LCD Display with 4 brightness levels

▶ Line powered - Requires no external power supplies or batteries

▶ Compatible with FSK/DTMF, PSTN landlines, DSL lines, and VOIP services (tested with Vonage, Magicjack, Comcast, Verizon FIOS, and many others.

▶ 12-Month Subscription - VIRTUAL BLACKLIST - NEW!
With the purchase of the T-Lock call blocker, you will also receive a 12-month access to our new Virtual BLACKLIST / Unsolicited Phone Lookup service with 30+ million unsolicited phone numbers registered.  This online search tool will help you identify phone numbers linked to scams & frauds. Learn more.

▶ Two (2) year extended warranty

Important: This device requires the Caller ID service to be activated on your phone line (e.g. the ability to see the name an phone number of incoming callers).  If you are not sure, please consult with your phone service provider.

Incoming Call Blocking Applications:

Take control of your phone line by blocking non-stop annoying calls from:
▶ Telemarketers
▶ Robocalls
▶ Politicians*
▶ Junk faxes
▶ Charity/nonprofit organizations*
▶ Research companies conducting polls/surveys*
▶ Collection agents, banks, lawyers, hospitals, credit cards companies, and many more!
▶ Protect your phoneline against increasing scams and frauds 

* U.S. Federal Government sponsored “Do Not Call” list program does not apply to politicians, non-profit, and research organizations.

Outgoing Call Blocking Applications:

With the outgoing call restrictions you will be able to take complete control of your phone line and block dialing of specific number, area codes or prefixes:
▶ Households with abusive (or out of control) teenagers
▶ Households with elders with mental illnesses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How does it work?

It's very easy to install and use.  There is no programming needed, simply plug it in (show video below) between the phone line and your phone, and wait for unwanted calls to ring.  Then simply press the BLACKLIST button to add unwanted calls to the BLACKLIST so that next time those numbers call, the unit disconnects those calls automatically.  Optionally, if you have a list of unwanted numbers, you could add unwanted numbers to the BLACKLIST memory manually.

How do I set it up? How easy is it to install? 

The T-Lock Call Blocker is very easy to set up.  Watch this short video to see!

Does it require Caller ID service active on my phone line?

Yes, you need to make sure the caller id service is active on your phone line in order for this device to work properly.

If I loose power, will I loose the numbers I added to the BLACKLIST memory?

No. This unit has non-volatile memory that will prevent it from loosing all the stored numbers, even when disconnected for a long time.

I get instant protection from already known phone numbers linked to scams & frauds?

Unfortunately no. This device will help you build a list of unwanted numbers over time, but it will require some screening efforts.  We recommend you use our Virtual BLACKLIST service to identify numbers linked to unsolicited calling (learn more).   

▶ Read more FAQs - Also known issues & solutions

▶ Step by Step (Revised) Manual

​▶ Reasons to Buy the T-Lock Call Blocker

Have questions or need any help with this device?
▶ You can consult our Solutions Center to search answers to your questions.
▶ Contact Us anytime (use link below). We respond our emails within 1 business day.
▶ Call us at 1-786-221-5997 during business hours (M - F 11am - 7pm EST).
▶ As an A+ rated BBB company, we are committed to do our best to help you!

Our Return Policy:

Try this product for up to 30 days and return it if you are not satisfied with it.

▶ Recommended assesory for parallel setup: 2-Way Splitter

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