Welcome to HQTelecom's Virtual Blacklist / Unsolicited Phone Lookup search service. A phone search tool designed to assist you identify phone numbers linked to unsolicited (spam) calls in the US & Canada (+1 dialing).

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WARNING: In the US, 1 every 20 homes has been a victim of some scam in the last year (~ 6% of the households). This Phone Search tool was created to assist you in doing your own do diligence to prevent scams. Please use it BEFORE you send any money to anyone (even if you think you know him/her, and especially if you haven't met him/her in person).

Disclaimer: This is an information service only, and it is intented to provide recommendations on phone numbers that are linked to unsolicited calling in the US and Canada. By using this service, you agree not to hold us liable for any scams or frauds.

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