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The ULTIMATE CALL BLOCKER (WIFI) (UBlocker) is a credit-card sized WIFI/Internet-enabled system that uses the power of cloud computing to protect any telephone landline by virtually blocking ALL unsolicited calls without even having to TOUCH A BUTTON!

The UBlocker features two (2) blacklists, as described below:

GLOBAL BLACKLIST - This list has 300,000+ phone numbers linked ot unsolicited calling.  The UBlocker searches this list to AUTOMATICALLY block scam calls, robocalls, political calls, telemarketing calls, and many other unsolicited calls WITHOUT HAVING TO PUSH A BUTTON OR TALK TO ANYONE!   These calls are disconnected after 1 ring.
NOTE:  The Global BLACKLIST is a service operated & maintained by HQTelecom, and it is included with your purchase for 12 months.  An annual service 
fee of $29.88 ($2.49/month) will be required per device to cover ongoing website maintenance and updates.

USER BLACKLIST - The UBlocker allow users to block UNLIMITED phone numbers, names, and area codes / prefixes via the web.  Users can manage their lists of allowed numbers (Whitelist), blocked numbers (Blacklist) calls, and new numbers (recent incoming calls) using a web-based interface with 24x7 access from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

NAME BLOCKING - In addition to number and area codes, the UBlocker also has the ability to BLOCK calls using NAMES including OUT OF AREA, UNKNOWN, PRIVATE, and any other name (or partial names) that shows in the Caller ID of your existing phone handset. 

WHITELIST MODE (ON/OFF) - Another new feature (only available in the UBlocker) is the WHITELIST MODE (ON/OFF) – When turned ON, it blocks all calls except those in your WHITELIST.  This option will give you TOTAL PRIVACY!

IMPORTANT REQUIREMENTS:  Before you purchase your UBlocker, please make sure you have all these items: 
(1) THE CALLER ID SERVICE MOST BE ACTIVE ON YOUR LINE.  THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED BY YOUR PHONE SERVICE PROVIDER.  (TIP: If you are able to read the name & phone numbers on your existing phone's caller id display, then you have this service active).
(2) WIFI INTERNET IS ALSO REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT TO WORK.  The UBlocker will need to be connected to your local Internet via WIFI in order to work properly.
(3) YOU ALSO NEED AN INTERNET-ENABLE DEVICE (PC, TABLET or SMARTPHONE) to configure your UBlocker, and manage your lists online. 


DUAL BLACKLIST (GLOBAL & USER) with UNLIMITED storage capacity to block phone numbers (1+, international), names, or area codes / prefixes. 

▶ GLOBAL BLACKLIST – Automatically blocks phone calls linked to UNSOLICITED and SCAMs (pre-loaded) without having to TOUCH A BUTTON!  Note: This list is maintained 24x7 by HQTelecom and rapidly growing at a rate of 10,000+ new numbers every month. You get 12 months of service with your purchase of the UBlocker starting on the date you activate it online. When it expires, you will be able to renew it for only $2.49 per month (paid yearly).

USER BLACKLIST  – The ability to manually BLOCK UNLIMITED phone numbers (both US and international callers), names, or area codes / prefixes showing in the CALLER ID of your existing phone.  Simply go online to manage your lists anytime! 

▶ NAME BLOCKING – In addition to blocking calls based on pone numbers and area codes, now you can also block calls using NAMES as shown in the Caller ID display of your phone(s).  Block Names such as "OUT OF AREA", "UNKNOWN", "PRIVATE", etc.

WHITELIST Mode ON/OFF (optional) – When enabled, it blocks ALL incoming calls except those stored in your Whitelist, allowing you to achieve total privacy!

12-hour Time stamp – The time stamp on the incoming calls shows in 12-hour format (e.g. 10 PM instead of 22:00)

Compatible with ALL phone service providers in the US (including traditional POTs, Cooper landlines, Cable (or Coax) lines, and VoIP.  IMPORTANT:  CALLER ID SERVICE MOST BE ACTIVE ON YOUR PHONE LINE FOR THIS PRODUCT TO WORK.  One device protects ALL extensions or handsets on a phone line or number

▶ Dimensions (base unit): 2.75" x 1.75" x 0.75"
Package includes:
 (1) UBlocker Base unit, (1) Phoneline Adapter, (1) Power Adapter, (1) Documentation

▶ This product is proudly made in the USA with patented & copyright technology.

▶ One (1)  year warranty.

If You Have Any Questions Or Need Technical Support, Please Contact Us at 786-221-5997.  

▶ Documentation: Setup Instructions

▶ FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about the UBlockers

Try this product for up to 30 days and return it if you are not satisfied with it.

Don't have WIFI Internet?  You can get our UBlocker LAN version, learn more.

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