Outgoing Call Blocker - Restrict Outbound calls Except Allowed Numbers

Outgoing Call Blocker - Restrict Outbound calls Except Allowed Numbers
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This outgoing call block & restrictor device can easily block number (s) as well as area codes and prefixes from dialing out. It comes pre-set from the factory to block phone numbers that cost money (o+, 1+ and 411 calls).  You may also add up to 30 telephone numbers or area codes to the 'allow memory' to allow unrestricted dialing. Call cut-off timer feature will allow you to set a time limit (1-99 minutes) per phone call.

Outgoing Call Block

Device Features:

▶ It comes preset from the factory to block all outgoing calls
▶ Can be easily programmed to allow calling of specific phone numbers, and prefixes (up to 250 digits)
▶ Use User-defined 4-digit passcode to bypass all restrictions
▶ Turn restrictions ON/OFF temporarily
▶ Easy to install, program and use
▶ Works with all analog lines and most VOIP services (tested Comcast, MagicJack, Vonage)
▶ One unit can protect all extensions (when installed correctly)
▶ Line Powered (no batteries, no external power needed)
▶ Always allows dialing 911 (in the US)
▶ One (1) year Warranty
▶ Proudly made in USA
▶ FCC and UL Approved

* The 'Allowed memory' can hold up to 250 digits.  You can add any combination of the following:
- Up to ~22 10-digit local phone numbers (e.g. 305-558-5577)
- Up to ~20 11-digit long distance area codes (e.g. 1-305-558-45577)
- Up to ~66 area codes (e.g. 305)
- Up to ~40 prefixes (e.g. 305-558-xxxx)
or any combination of specific local or long distance phone numbers, local prefixes, and area codes.

Proven Technology:  This outgoing call block device has been sold in more than 90 countries (including but not limited to Canada, UK, France, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central/South Amerca, Mexico, Australia, etc.)

* The call timer function on this unit works on all calls (incoming and outgoing) and it triggers the cut off timer on a per call basis when it detects an "off-hook" condition. This unit does not prevent callers from dialing at certain hours during the day or the same number over and over.

** This unit can be programmed to restrict outbound calls. It does not block incoming calls.

Outgoing Call Block & Restrictor Programmable Features and Functions: 

▶ Extremely flexible and easy to program via the keypad of a regular phone to perform the following functions:
▶ Change 4-digit security code
▶ Add ALLOW telephone numbers and leading prefixes to memory (any combination up to 250 digits)
▶ Disable restrictions temporarily (ON & OFF)
▶ Change number of digits that can be dialed without restrictions

Factory Default Settings:
This unit is pre-programmed at the factory with the most common needs so that it requires minimal programming by the user. Restricts dialing of long distance calls that begin with 1 or 0 calls (including 1800, 1888, 1877, 1866), restricts dialing of 411 calls, and restricts dialing of 1-900 and 976. It allows dialing of local calls (up to 10 digits). It also comes with a factory preset 4-digit security code. All these parameters can be easily modified after installed using a regular telephone dialpad.

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Outgoing Call Block & Restrictor Documentation:

Outgoing Call Blocker Manual

- FAQs or Helpdesk

Availability note: This item is currently out of stock.  It will require an order of 25 units, and 2-4 weeks to deliver in order to produce this model at the factory.  Please contact us prior to placing your order.


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