Digital Thermometer

Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer
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This convenient digital thermometer system consists of wireless miniature pedant unit and smartphone app (compatible with iPhones) to display real-time temperature readings, set alarms, and view historical logs & charts.

Digital Thermometer Main Features:

▶Innovative technology allows temperature monitoring of a human’s body
▶ Supports wireless communication between the pendant and a smartphone
▶ Works in conjunction with a proprietary APP (compatible with Apple’s IOS)  
▶ Set alarms to trigger when temperature reaches certain levels
▶ Easy-to-wear temperature-detecting device
▶ Uses harmless, no radiation technology that help prevent critical health conditions and measure actual efficacy of drugs
▶ Allow up to 30 feet (10 meters) separation between the wireless pendant and the smartphone’s App
▶ High-sensitive temperature sensor provides instant temperature readings when in contact with the skin (preferably under the armpit area)
▶ 20x higher precision / accuracy temperature readings as compared to traditional thermometers
▶ Set temperature limits to trigger alarms to alert medication or take measures to cool down
▶ Provides historical temperature log / chart to aid medical professionals in providing better diagnostics and/or facilitate appropriate medication.
▶ Real-time instant readings (traditional mercury thermometers can take ~5 minutes to provide readings)
▶ Eliminates the need of potentially toxic traditional mercury thermometers
▶ More robust and durable technology (compared to traditional fragile mercury-based thermometers) 

Hardware Specifications & Features:

▶ Precision temperature measurements, resolution ± 0.01 ℃
▶ Supports temperature measurement ranges from 87.8 F (31 ℃)  to  107.6 F (42 ℃)
▶ Small and comfortable design
▶ Supports Wireless, Bluetooth technology
▶ Battery-powered measuring pendant (requires 3V Lithium battery model CR2032L (included), estimated battery life: 3-6 months if not removed)
▶ Moisture-proof enclosure designed to prevent damages caused by sweat
▶ Smooth surface, comfortable pendant design
▶ Pendant transmits temperature readings in real-time via wireless transmission to a smart phone’s app
▶ Wireless pendant is required to maintain direct contact with skin in order to provide continuous temperature readings

Software Specifications & Features:

▶ APP supports iPhones running IOS version 5 or later
▶ Provides continuous (real-time) and instant body’s temperature readings
▶ APP Interface features analog and analog thermometer scale displays
▶ “Start” icon allows the APP to connect to wireless pendant (TIP: make sure Bluetooth is enable, but do not try to connect via Settings > Bluetooth)
▶ “Wave” icon shows historical chart with temperatures measures event records
▶ Visual colors on display helps differentiate between low and high temperatures
▶ User-defined temperature range settings, threshold alarms, phone sounds, and graphics prompts
▶ Continuous monitoring and alarms can help avoid negligence cause high fever without taking measures
▶ History chart and logs, and background data management can provide actual efficacy of drugs 

What's Included:

▶ Bluetooth Thermometer (Wireless Pendant, Size: 1.75" x 1.25" x 0.35", Color: assorted)
▶ Two (2) batteries (Only one battery is required at a time, extra battery is included as a spare, battery model: CR2032L)
▶ Elastic cloth band (useful as an optional body attachment for children & adults)
▶ Manual (Revised by HQTelecom)

Manual (revised by HQelecom)

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