COMPARE Call Blockers and Virtual BLACKLIST

COMPARE Call Blockers and Virtual BLACKLIST

Below is a comparison table outlining the key features that differentiate the call blocker products and HQTelecom’s Virtual Blacklist service:


Call Blockers

Virtual Blacklist

Main benefits

Allows you to eliminate the ringing of blacklisted callers.

Allows you to identify phone numbers that you should blacklist.
Offers you the best protection available to prevent potential scams.

Main drawbacks

Requires you to use your own judgement to identify potential scammers.  So, you are still vulnerable to scams.
It provides no initial protection since it requires you to build you own list over time (up to 1,500 numbers).

Requires you to perform online searches.  To be more effective, it is recommended that you search all phone numbers from strangers (e.g. phone numbers you do not recognize).


Varies from $30 to $100 per device

$2.49 per month (paid annually)


This is a device with a limited capacity to block unwanted callers.  

This is a service (an online search tool to identiify phone numbers).  This service was created to be used in conjunction with a call blocker, however you do not need to own a call blocker to benefit from this service.

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