Auto Dialer / Call Re-Router

Auto Dialer / Call Re-Router
Auto Dialer / Call Re-Router Auto Dialer / Call Re-Router
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This convenient auto dialer or call re-router can perform the following key functions / applications:

911 re-router -- It can re-route 911 calls to any specified phone number.  

A-to-B re-router -- It can re-route any user dialed phone number or string (A) to an speficied phone number or string (B)

Calling card auto dialer --  It can be programmed to dial up to 4 strings of digits to avoid user mistakes when dialing long calling card access numbers and PIN codes. 

Least cost router -- It can re-route calls up to 4 different calling cards / carriers based on prefixes. 

This auto dialer is an electronic device that connects to a telephone line to monitor the dialed numbers and reroute your calls as desired.  This smart device can alter the routing of selected outgoing calls to seamlessly provide services that otherwise require lengthy access codes to be dialed. This dialer automatically inserts and modifies the numbers depending on the time of day, country or area code dialed, allowing the user to subscribe to the service providers who offer the best rates. For example, a dialer could be programmed to use one service provider for international calls to XYZ country, and another for ABC country or cellular calls. This call re-routing is known as least cost routing.

Auto Dialer / Call Re-router Features:

▶ Store up to 4 different phone cards and access numbers
▶ Re-routes calls from from number-A to number-B.  e.g. can route 911 calls to any 10-digit phone number.
▶ No external power adapter required (line powered)
▶ Local/ remote configuration with DTMF key entry from Standard telephone set
▶ Plug directly between wall jack and a telephone set
▶ Re-route user calls with specified access number and PIN code
▶ Pass through all toll-free local and service calls
▶ Smart programming for additional custom features
▶ Prefix removing function
▶ Force replacement function
▶ Intelligent auto pickup least cost route (LCR) function
▶ Auto IVR detection function
▶ Works with most PABX and FAX machines
▶ This line powered dialer does not need any external power but instead takes the power it needs from the telephone line


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