Medical Alert / Emergency / Hotline Auto Dialer

Medical Alert / Emergency / Hotline Auto Dialer
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When the user lifts the handset the dialer automatically dials a pre-programmed telephone number or code (e.g. 911).

Holine Dialer Feature / Specifications:

▶ Works on any analog phone line (PSTN, VOIP) that is FSK or DTMF compatible
▶ telephone line powered
▶ Retains programming even if disconnected from phoneline (EEPROM, Non-Volatile memory)
▶ Can be programmed using any analog phone
▶ It can store any string of digits (0-9, #)
▶ Weight: 3 ounces
▶ Easy to install and program (Comes with do-it-yourself programming instructions)

Holine Dialer Applications:

▶ Use with emergency or medical alert phones
▶ Use with courtesy phones in airports, airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc
▶ Security alarms
▶ Can dial 1010XXX number for cheap long distance dialing
▶ Can dial any frequently called telephone number or code

▶ Programming of auto-dial number at no additional charge (optional) - Just email instructions upon completing order or use the 'Comments' field in Check Out.


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